Maxman hard erection ultra long 260mg
MAXMAN Hard Erection Ultra Long Sex Pills
Ingredients: Epimedium saggitatum, avena sateva, saw paimetto, guarana extract, L-taurine, tribulus terrestris, gingseng blend, maca, L-arginnie, Niacin, Macuna pruriens, polypadium vulgare, rhodila rosea, muira puama.
Specifications: 260mg*12 pills
Keep out of reach of children.
Dosage: It is advised to take one capsule 1 hour in advance of sexual intercourse. (little penis tablet  and  black ball to be taken 30 min apart).
And yes – you saw correct – -the little tablets are shaped in little penises – I guess just to put a smile on your face  :-),


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Maxman hard erection ultra long 260mg